Clever Wasp

Sharing our living space with nature always has something new and amazing happening. We have many species of insects around, including wasps of all shapes and sizes. Wasps builds their nests. We regularly see these tiny clay pot nests stuck on the wall or window pane or door. I do not usually see the process (have to work) but this time it was close to my office, so I could witness most of the process.

I watched as this medium-sized wasp brought mud and stuck it together until this little round pot emerged. Back and forth, my husband had to duck a few times as he was sitting too close to the building site I think. I saw the wasp close up the mouth of the pot, which I have never seen before. It sealed the pot. I thought it is done.

About an hour later I looked at the pot and saw that it had black stripes all over it. I asked my husband if he drawn on it. He said no the wasp did it, he watched. Imagine, a painting wasp! About another hour later the pot had white stripes too and look similar to that of the shells around it! The wasp camouflaged the pot which I assume have an egg and food inside. Now I am waiting for the pot be opened from the inside.

After some research I think the wasp is from the genus Delta Hottentotten. Females build 2 cell mud nests in crevices, tree trunks, rock faces and walls.The lip around the entrance to each cell is removed during sealing, and completed nests area daubed with more mud. Resource: Field guide to insects of sa by Griffiths , Picker and Weaving.

Wasp hatched on the side, I missed that. The nest is still intact except for the small hole.



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