Hot Summer Days to Warm Sunny Days

The hottest most humid month of the year, February, has passed. We survived, this year was particularly dry too. The rainfall for summer did not happen. Drought is still taking it’s toll on man animal and plant. It is a chain reaction that affects everyone. No water  or little water in the taps has huge ripple effects for each person. It changed how we live, spend money and behave.  I have  learned about myself and about those around me in this drought. The drought will come to an end but we will all bear the scar people and nature.

I have not ever looked forward to winter season, this year I do. The air seems cooler at night and the sky lighter blue. We still have hot days, the wind is saving us from collapse some days, but winter is on it’s way. Rain is up to God, we can only pray and ask. The cooler temperature  at night and during the day will be a saving grace to us and nature.

We saw 2 snakes on one day! a Rare occasion. Green Mamba crossing the street into the forest and the little Variegated slug eater, that keeps my garden in a healthy slug balance. Had to rescue the latter from the cat. Heard the owls again too after a period of absence.

We are looking forward to a new season, on so many levels. To warm days and cool nights, we are at the sea, so it has to be sunny mostly. Looking forward to sit outside in the cool breeze around a little fire, looking at the stars and listening to the night life and maybe catch a glimpse of an owl or shrew or some noisy insect, not to mention the frogs!

We are washing the blankets and getting ready for autumn and a wonderful winter.